Friday, August 11, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was Catholic priest and during first war volunteered to take part in the war and was accordingly employed. He w as highly respected by soldiers catholics and non Catholics both. During the war he volunteered to the front line service and crawled from one soldier to another to listen to them, give sermons and interact with them. Although he was told that this was greatly risky and could cost him his life he used to reply that his life was with the God. he was badly wounded in a grenade explosion and lost left leg. He was the only priest who earned a iron cross for extraordinary devotion and bravery in the face of enemy during the war. was sent back to Muich where he earned a nick name limping priest. during WW II he was critical of Nazis policies and Gerstapo gave orders that he should not preach such things at Church from pulpit. He although gave up such activity he continued to preach anti Nazi views. He was taken into custody and was sent to a concentration camp. Authorities were worried that he would die in the camp and was then sent to a monastery or else. He would turn into a martyr. He was highly respected in Germany.He survived the war and was liberated by allies. He was sent back to Munich and in post war period he died of heart attack while standing and preaching in the church in ending of 1945, He was beatified by the Pope Paul II in 1987.

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