Friday, August 11, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 He was German Catholic priest. He started his career as a priest in 1931 at Badlauterberg. from 1934 he worked at Supplingen, from 1937 at Heiningen. From 1 Aug 1943 he worked at Gross Dungeon. Gestapo was monitoring him for his inspiring anti Nazi speeches. Once he repeated a joke that was told to him. By some one.. The joke was... once a seriously wounded soldier was lying in a bed and he asked the nurse.. look MAdam, who is lying beside me? the nurse placed portraits of Hitler one side and that of Goering on the other side. The soldier then said. it is fine. I can die like Jesus Christ happily now..... Gerstapo arrested him on and he was tortured by all methods to reveal the person who told him the joke. he never revealed. he was tried at people's court on 15 May 1944 and was sentenced to death on 28 July 1944. He was executed at Bradenburg.. Goerden prison on 11 sept 1944. ((. When Jesus was crucified two criminals were nailed one on each side of Jesus. .Gestapo charged that he compared Hitler and Goering to criminals by telling the joke )

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