Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

 LUICE DENZShe was a SS woman guard at concentration camps and she took part in the holocaust programmes. She had a boyish face and cruel too. After war she was arrested and tried and given life sentense by allies. however due to general amnesty she was released in 1957, she lived long up to 1998.
STUNCH IDUARD Struch Iduard was a SS officer of rank Obersturmbann fuehrer. He was head of twoo nazi organizations. Security service and security police.H e was in einsatzkommando 2. He was first posted to Belarus called white Rudpssia and later to Belgium. He committed many. Crimes. Of killing. Jews and others in Soviet Union . He was later transferred to Waffen the military combat unit of SS and after war , He was tried At Einsatzgruppen trials. He was. Sentensed to death but sentense was not carried out and he was handed over to Belgium to bectraied for crimes committed there. In Belgium too he was sentensed to death. however yet he was not hanged. He died in a hospital at Uccle in Belgium on 11 Sept 1955
OTTO ADOLF  Ott Adolf was a Obersturmbann fuehrer. he was the commander of sonder kommando 7B of Einsatzgruppen B. He was tried after WW II and was sentensed to death but it was reduced to life term and he was released in 1958.

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