Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pencil sketch of Nazi by Dr K Prahakar rao

ROST PAUL.he joined SS. In 1940 and was sent to lubin and in 1942 was sent to Sobibor camp.H e was known to be indisciplined and had extra marital affairs. initially he was an acting commander. And secretly spied on camp staff. He was with camp II In sorting procedures.I n 1943 he was sent to Treblinka camp,. In dec 1943 he was sent to I tally at TrIeste.he was promoted as 2lt. Of police.. after war he was in US. Prison camp for a while and was released and he went to his family in Dresden. He was picked up by soviet military authorities and was kept in custody till 1948 and later he lived with family at dresden as free. Man till he died.

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