Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pencl sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

DUBIOS  WERNER KARL. Dubois werner,karl was a lower level SS official and he worked at Brbanden berg, Bren burg , harda ar and wapas a before he was posted to Belsen where he served from April 1942 to 43. He worked as lorry drive and. Took care of gas chambersToo and he personally shot dead 6 Jews who were physically not fit and. At the instructions of   commandant Christian worth   and pushed them into the ditch. When revolt took place at  sobibor  Karl was seriously wounded by axe blows! knife injuries and shot in his lungs. He was treated at. Hospital and later posted to Italy when the camp was dismantled.He was posted to Italy to fight partisans . After the war he was arrested by US troops. For brief period and released in 1947, H e worked as locksmith till he was arrested in 1963 ...64 at Belsen trials. He was acquitted although evidence was available for murder of six Jews by him . He was again tried in  sobibor  trials and sentenced for three years. He died at Munster.
 JOHAN KLIER.Johann klier was At sobibor camp in 1942 . He was the chief baker and kept custody of shoes of Jews, and at the time of revolt in the camp he was on leave and was away. he was posted to Italy after the camp was dismantled To erase all evidence. In Italy he was arrested after the war and put in custody from 5 may 1945 to 15 June 1945. During the trial at frankfurt in 1950 , 25 aug he was acquitted as he was found to be humane to Jews And surviving Jews testified in his favour. He was released to be a free man ..

HANS HENZ SCHUTT.Hans Heinz Schutt was a SS member and at Sobibor camp he was in administrative duties and was responsible for paying the staff.h e was also taking care of barracks. After war he was arrested only during Sobibor trials that were conducted between Sept 6' 1965 to Dec 20' 1966" Hans Henz schutt was given three yeras in Prison for assisting murder of many Jews at the camp.
WILLE WENDLAND Details are not known 

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