Friday, April 8, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

HAND ERICH MERBACH Merbach was an SS officer at Buchenwald camp and is known for his cruel acts in the holocausrt . When American troops were approaching , the prisoners in the camp were sent by a train to Dachau camp which was at About 240 km and would have taken a day journey. however due to allied bombings the train was delayed at various points and it took three weeks. He was accompanying the train with few more SS personnel. He shot dead Many prisoners in the train With his machine pistol and the se men has no food and water and many died before they reached destination. The open box train was strafed several Times by US planes and many prisoners were injured and The injured persons were shot to death. At the dachou trials he was tried for war crimes and sentenced to death and executed although he pleaded that he infact helped prisoners to his best the jury felt that if he was not punished they would be doing great injustice yo humanity.
OTTO WOLF GANG  He a SS person and was tried at dachou trial after WW II. He was awarded 15 years prison term.More details are not available at present.
 ERICH NAUMANNErich. Naumann was a SS and Sd officer and originally he was in police. He became chief of Einsatzgrupe B for actions in eastern occupied Europe. He used mobile gas vans to exterminate Jews and other prisoners. He was a high ranking brigade fuehrer. He perpetuated mass killings and was a war criminal. After war he was captured and tried at Nuremberg And sentensed to death. During trial he repeatedly contended that he has done nothing wrong as one of the aim of the war was the process of extermination of Jews and other enemies as per the orders of Fuhrer and all these actions were rightful. He was executed by hanging on 7 June 1951
RASCH OTTORasch Otto was a senior SS officer of the rank of Brigadier Grppen fuehrer. he was the commander of Einsatzgruppe Ex termination programme of Jews ..C in soviet occupied territories During Nov 1941 to 1943 march. Such killings were carried out by gas vans and shooting squads. In in. later he was the director of Continental oil inc, berlin after he was relieved of his duties. After WW II he was indicted for war crimes In the trails held in 1947. But he was released as he was suffering from Parkinson's disease. He died on 5 feb 1948 at W ehrstedt, saxonny, G ermany .

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