Friday, April 8, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

 REUTH NEUDECH  She joined the SS service as woman guard only in 1944 and rose rapidly at Ravens Bruck sub camp as camp leader. She was very cruel and one of the witness later testified that she saw her slitting the throat if a fellow woman prisoner with a sharpened shovel. After war she fled but was captured by allies and was tried for war crimes and sentenced to death and executed by hanging.
 IRMA GRESE Irma grese was. a woman guard at ravensbruck and Aushwitz concentration camps and begen Belsen camp. She was known as hyena of Aushwitz. And also as beauty beast. She dressed up meticulously. Ad gad many lovers among SSmen. Josef mangele the doctor was one among them.It is learnt that she also got aborted once. she was beastly and called beauty beast.,She was cruel and sadist. She was responsible for selecting women prisoners for gas chambers. She hated prisoners who still maintained their beauty. a fter the war she tried to flee but was captured by allies on 17/4/45 and was tried at Belsen trail. She was charged for war crimes and sentensed to death. she was hanged on 13 dec 45 at the age of 22 years the youngest to be handed underbritish law. She planned to be an actress in films after war.Along with her two more women and eight. Men were hanged.
DOROTHEA  BINZ Dorothea binz joined SS as female overseer at concentration camp Ravens bruck in 1939. She did kitchen and laundry duties but. Later she supervised bunker where woman inmates were tortured and killed. as she was promoted as lady asst warden. She was brutal, she kicked, slapped, stomped, shot and kicked the inmates. She had a boy friend Edmund Brauning and stayed at a house outside the camp and later Edmund was posted out.At the end of war , she fled and British army captured her at hampur on 3 may 1945, and was held at Reckling hausen. She was tried at Ravensbruck trials in 1947. And was sentensed to death. She was hanged on 2 may 1947 at Hamelin By long rope method by British executioner.

FRIEDRICH WILHELM  KRUGGER  .Freidrich Wilhelm krugger was a very senior SS and SA officer and he was in General govt in occupied Poland and executed police duties and was responsible for suppressin of revolts at camps! Control of ghettos, extermination activities. Frequently he quarreled with Governor General hans frank and he was therefore dismissed on 9 nov 1943 .T he police govt in exile. Order for his assassination.Two bombs were hurled at his car , but he escaped.later he was given responsibilities of combat actions in yugoslvia, Austria! and Finland which were occupied territories? At the end of war he committed suicide.

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