Friday, April 8, 2016

Pencil sketches of Naisby Dr K Prabhakar rao

JOSEF HIRTRIETER.Joseph Hirtrieter was a SS lower level officer and he worked at treblinka extermination camp and also at Sobibor camp. He was beastly and killed infants dragging them from mothers arriving in wagons holding by legs and smashing their heads against wagon body.It was devilish. After the war he was arrested by. Allies in July 1946 but was let off as no criminal evidence was available against him. however in 1951 he was arrested again after a survivor testified against him and was sentensed to life on 31 march 1951, He was released in 1977 due ti ill ness. he died after six months
MAX KOEGAL.Max koegal was a SS officer of majors rank. He served as commander at various concentration camps such a s lichten burg, ravens buck, majdanek, and Flossenburg. After the war he was on the tun and was arrested at Schwab near Nuremberg on 26 June 1946, H e committed suicide. Next day.
HERMANN FLORSTEDL .Hermann florstedl was SS officer and commandant of Concentration camp Sachsenhausen from 1940-42. He was then posted to Majadanek as III rd commandant. He replaced Max koegal. during WW II. He was convicted by SS court for misappropriation and embezzlement of III reich to become rich and was sentenced to death and was executed on 15 April 1945. He was an Iron cross winner awarded by Nazi Germany , yet no mercy was shown to him.He was known to have an affair with Ilse kosh the oberaufseherin known as the bitch.
GOTTILEB HERING He was a SS concentration camp commandant at B elzec and was directly responsible for the killings of innumerable Jews and others. Belzec camp was closed in June 1943 and he then was the commander of poniatowa camp which was re assigned as sub camp of Majdanek . Between 0-3 nov 1943 the police personnel killed all remaining Jews during action Erntefest and Hering joined camp at Trieste at Italy.He died due to some mysterious complications while waiting at the medical health centre of St Catherine he hospital in Stetten Im Remstal .before On09oct 1945.

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