Friday, April 8, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

ALFRED ITNWERAlfred itner was a SS lower level officer and he was on staff of Gauleiters of hammer and Berlin for 1934-39. he requested that he be posted to action T 4 programme in B erlin. Hecremained as book keeper at T 4 HQ till 1942 and sent to Sobibor. Under operation Reinhard. He was later conscripted into army and sent to eastern front where he was taken as PW by Russians. He was released in 1948 . He was arrested and tried at Hagen in 1965 during Sobibor trials and sent for eight year prison term. He was later released and. He died onNov 3' 1976 at the age of 69 years.
HANS HUTTIGhans huttigu was a SS. Officer who initially worked. At sachsenhausen and Flossenburg concentration camps.he was given ye task of establishing facilities at Natzweiler.. Strath in Alsace in Norway occupied areas. he also worked at grini concentration camp and as police leader? He was known to a trouble some person and after closure of camp at Herzogenbusch And After war he was tried by F reach military court and sentensed to death but was not implemented. he was released after11 yeras in jail and was released in 1956. he died in 1980 at W ache him.
SCHIMIDT HEINRICH Schimidt  was a German SS doctor physician and he worked in various concentration camps. At the end of war he was with Belsen camp and was arrested by allies and later released. He was again arrested and tried in 1947 Dora trials 7 aug 1947 to 30 :dec 1947, but was acquitted. he was again arrested and tried in 1975 during Majdanek trials for war crimes but due to lack of evidence was acquitted. He lived at uetze from 1985 and. Died at calle in 2000
MARIA MENDL  She was the woman commandant of SS ..helferin at A ushwiz .. Birkenau concentration camp under a male commandant Rudolf hob. She reported to him. She was known as the beast at the camp. She was responsible for Killings of thousands of woman prisoners. At the end of the war, she fled to her native place muh lorf but was arrested on 10august 1945 by US troops and handed over to polish authorities In nov 1946.She was tried at Krakow in 1947 by polish tribunal for war crimes and sentensed to death and was hanged on. 24 jan. 1948.

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