Friday, April 8, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 KARL OTTO KOCH. He was a SS colonel and First concentration camp commandant of buchenwald and Sachsen Hansen concentration camp and was directly responsible for the killings of innumerable Jews and others. from S pet 1941 -- A uh 42 he was posted as first commandant of majdanek camp in occupied Polnad. there were scores of allegation as against him of embezzlement , corruption, stealing, drunkenness, fraud, improper conduct, sexual offences and Was tried by a SS court and was found unworthy of being an officer who brought shame to himself and the SS organization. He was sentensed to death and was executed by firing squad on 05 April 1945 a week before arrival of American troops. Ilse Koch was his wife who was equally cruel to prisoners at the camp and was known as bitch of Buchenwald
MAX MOLLER he was a SS guard at treblinka concentration camp during world war and took part in operation rein hard phase of holocaust. Moller lal one with other gurads freely shot and killed the jews at lazarett. in mates called him American. Due to his robust body. He was along with Bredow, Josef Hirtreiter, , wilie menz committed extermination of Jews gleefully? After the war he vanished and never traced
HEINRICH GLEY  Heinrich  gley was a SS. Lower level officer. Ad he worked at. belzec concentration camp when camp commander was Gottileb Hering.After the war he was tried at Belsen trials in mid sixties and was acquitted as hHad to perform duties under duress and threat from higher officers. He probably died In 1985, the above sketch belongs to the time when he was old staying at home.
ILSE KOCH She was the wife of Karl Otto Koch commandant of Buchenwald camp and majdanel During WW II.He was an SS officer of senior rank . Ilse Koch too was very cruel to the camp inmates. Otto koch was executed for bringing shame to the SS organization by his conduct as an officer and his personal conduct was highly objectionable. After the war she was also tried for war crimes at dachau and convicted and sentenced to life. She was kept in isolation except aMerican investigators. she conceived in prison and she disclosed that she was pregnant in the court room that stunned all present .Later, her Term was reduced to four years by American governor. . there was an uproar in public. She was again arrested and tried in 1950 and sentenced to life in 1951.She died in prison committing suicide on 01 sept 1967 at the age of 60 years. The boy born in prison was taken away at birth and was brought up outside. When she died he was 19 years. She was buried at an unmarked grave in the prison complex. No one knows who was the father of the boy..She became famous as beast , queen, and bitch of Buchenwald as she had illicit contacts with many SS officers. there were also charges that she got lamp shades made from the tattooed skins if camp inmates.H ow ever this was not conclusively proved. Hence such charges were dropped.

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