Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabahakr rao

 FEODOR FEDORENKO fe odor Fedorenko was a citizen of Soviet Union when nazis occupied Ukraine he was recruited into nazi service for eliminatin of Jews. He was trained and posted toThe camp . after the war he escaped to USA as a displaced person and stayed in. America Ad became its citizen. however he was extradited to Soviet Union in 1984 where he was tried for treason against the country of soviet union and executed by firing squad
ERWIN LAMBERT Erwin lambert was a SS corporal and was a expert mason by profession and he was given the task of building gassing facilities at death camps hartheim, sonnets din, Benburg, jacamar unde action t4 euthanasia programme of extermination of Jews. Then he was sent yo Treblinka and Sobibor to create similar facilities and cremation units. After winding up of Sobibor camp he was posted to Trieste at Italy to crate similar facilities. After war he was first arrested on 28 march 1962. At the treblinka trail in 1965 he was given 4 years prison for being the member of SS. Ad creating facilities for extermination of nearly 700000 prisoners. However he was released as he already the term in prison. He was allowed to be a free man. He died on 15 October 1976.
ALBERT WIDMANN Albert widmann was SS major and chemist. He was instrumental in developing gassing methods to kill prisoners , the mental patients during action T 4 programme. He also used car's exhaust gas to kill patients.. After the war, he was interned by allies for short period and released. He worked again in civilian industry and rose to become a chief chemist. In 1959, he was arrested. In total he spent six years and six moths in prison.
ERNST  ACHENBACH  Ernst Achenbach was a GermaN lawer who joined nazi party. He worked in German embassy at Paris during war . He was the head of the political dept at the embassy and was also responsible for rounding up 2000 Jews. He was a close aid to German. Ambassador Otto onez. After war he was not tried by courts . He could convince American investigators that German assembly in france was the main stay for assassination attempt on Hitler and anti hitler campaign. Thus he escaped trials. Later he Worked in west Germany .He was member of Budenstag during 1957...76' , E uropean parliament in 1964...77" .H ex was vice chairman of FDP 1971-72. Hewas Vice President of liberal group in European Parlaiment. During trials he successfully defended few nazis.

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