Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 HUBERT GOMERSKI.He was lower level SS person probably Of sergeant rank. He worked at S obi or camp. his was probably not tried at sobibor trials Between Sept 65 to dec 66. he was under soviet custody earlier. Details are not known.. efforts are being made to find further details.
HERMANN MICHAEL.Herman Michael was a SS sergent. And he was at Sobibor camp annihilating the Jews. When there was a revolt in the camp 14 October 1943. The survivors of SS Personnel including Hermann were sent to Trieste Italy to the most dangerous duty of fighting partisans. this was to ensure that as much as possible evidence is removed. Hermann Michael survived the war and   probably escaped to Egypt As per Franz strangl the camp commandant of  sobibor  who was Extradited to West Germany  from Brazil after many years   and put on trial in west Germany.  He was never traced
RECHARD THOMALLA.Richard Thomalla was a SS captain and head of SS building construction administration at Luben reservation in occupied Poland and he constructed concentration camps at Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka.. After the war he was arrested by soviets and was executed by soviet police in Czechoslovakia at jjicin on 12 May 1945.

WALTER RAUFF.Walter Rauff was SS officer who rose to rank of colonel in 1944. Initially he was given responsibility to develop gas vans for killing Jews. These were called mobile extermination units.the vans had large compartment fitted at the back of the drivers cabin that was air tight in all aspects when doors were closed. Exhaust gases of the vehicles petrol engine were directed into the closed compartment by turning a valve and engine speed was increased after pushing the victims inside and locking the doors. By the time the vehicle reached the burial site ,the victims were killed by inhaling carbon monoxide gas.25 To 60 people could be killed at one time. He. Delegated the task of keeping the gas vans operational to august becker in soviet occupied ares and other places. During 1942 to 43 , he was involved in extermination of Jews in Vichy.. Tunisia. field marshal Rommel was at the peak of his victories. And his victory over the British at Tobruk Gave enough chance to Rauff to set up special extermination Unit there. However British victory at El Alamein caused withdrawal of German troops. But they managed to hold on to a bridge head at Vichy tunisia and rauff could organise persecution and killing of local Jews and stole 40 to 45 kilos of gold from Jews. Then he was sent to Milan in Itlay and he successfully Managed as hard task master and ruthless in persecution of Jews and German control over Italian areas and got laurels. He remained there till end of war. After war he managed to escape to Syria and served Syrian intelligence service.. He was military advisor at damscus. He finally settled at Chile via Ecuador. Allefforts to extradite him failed and he died on 14 may 1984 at the age of 77 Santiago.His funeral became a great event for celebration for all nazis who escaped to South America.

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