Friday, April 8, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

WALTHER FUNK  He during WW I joined the infantry in German army , but was discharged as misfit for service. He later worked as journalist after war was over and then as. Editor of a economic news paper. He came in contact with H itler after joining Nazi party. Soon he was the economist in Hitlers govt and he deprived Jews of their wealth to the last who were murdered later.He deprived Jews of gold rings, jewellery, eye glass frames, paintings, etc apart from other possessions. At the end of WWII he was charged for war crimes by special US military tribunal at Nuremberg and he was awarded life imprisonment. However he was released in 1957 due to ill heath. He died in 1960 ailing from diabetes..
MARTIN GOTTGRIED WIESS  Martin Gottfried Weiss was a SS lt col and served at NEUENGAMME concentration camp as commandant from April 40 to sept 1942, He was posted to MAJDANEK concentration camp from nov 43 to May 1944, as the fourth commandant of the camp. Hecwas captured by US. Troops at the end of the war and was tried at dachau trials and found guilty of war crimes and was sentensed to death and was executed by hanging at lads beg prison . on 29 may 1946.Slthough many witnesses spoke good of him ,including a soecial prisoner, their pleas were rejected by the jury. And he was executed.
ALICE ORLOWSKI.. She was a SS woman guard and worked at Ravensbruck and M ajdanek concentration camp.She had hundred woman under her.She was brutal and whipped the woman inmates across eyes specially. After the war She was arrested and tried at Aushwiz trials and sentenced to life. But she was released in 1957 due to general amnesty. she was agin arrested to stand trail for III majdanek trials In 1975, but she died during trial in 1976 at the age of 73 years.
HANS BAUR Hans Baur was a veteran pilot and became Hitlers personal pilot after he flew him in political campaigns in thirties.He was a Gruppen fuher IN SS organization. After war he was captured by soviets and spent ten years in soviet custody. He was extradited to France in 1955 and the French held him in custody till 1957 and was released

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