Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

 ARTHUR DACSHEL.Arthur dacshel. Was. Nazi SS lower level officer and he was an orderly at psychiatric ward at heilanstalte H ubertuspurgen wermsdorf in Euthnasia programme and he burnt corpses. In early summer of 1942 he was sent to Sobibor from Belzec camp where he was promotedas oberwatchlmeister in 1943. Heb was known to be least cruel man bu survivors who knew him. More details are not known
ROBERT JUHRS.  Robert Emil juhras was a lower level SS officer and was a painter, caretaker and clerk by lrofession and served Ta T 4 institute of harda ar as male nurse, painter and clerk Till 1942, H ex was posted to Belzec in June 42 where he worked at ramp and lazarett. he shot the sick, infirm and weak Jews.He was at Jews labour camp from March 43 at D orohuenza and remained till Nov 1943. He escorted A rbeitshaftlinge From Dorohueza to trawnki and all were shot. When revolt took place at so inor, he was sent to the camp to help in dismantling and killing off the remaining Jews there. later he was sent to Italy to serve at Trieste. After war he was tried at belzec trials in 1963 and sobibor trials in 1966. He was acquitted.

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