Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 PAUL GROTH.Paul Johannes groth was a guard at Sobibor camp and he was doing sorting out clothes at Lager II. He was considered highly sadistic. He had intimate relationship with a Jewish girl. After the war he was not traced. In 1951 his wife got him declared dead to enable her to get pension. In 1962 he was still declared missing.
SIEGFRIED GREATSCHUSSiegfried Greatshus   was a SS. Sergeant and he was killed during the uprising at SOBIBOR concentration camp. A Russian pW smashed his head with an axe.
PAUL BREDOW Paul bredow was a SS sergent at grafneck and harthim in Euthnasia programme Of elimination of Jews. He was posted to treblinka camp and served till 1943.H e was head of kommando rot clothing sorting unit at Barrack A camp zone 2. he was very cruel as per the survivors of the camp. He was then sent to sobibor concentration camp. He took active part at the camp. His hobby was to shoot Atleast fifty prisoners with a pistol at lazarette , the shooting enclosure in the camp which was approved by Christian wirth. After the uprising at the camp He was posted out to Italy At Trieste to pursue persecution of Jews. after the war he returned to Germany and worked as a carpenter. He died in a accident in Dec 1945.
WILLE MENTZ wille Mentz was a SS. Sergeant and he served initially at grave neck. Euthanasia centre action T 4 and in 1941 sent to Hadmar. Gassing facility wherechevworked till 1942. And June. 1942 sent to treblimnka camp during operation Reinhard of Jews extermination programme.He was working under August. Miete who took out weak, old, cripples, infirm prisoners from the wagons on arrival and took them direct yo lazarette where they were shot dead making them to stand near a 7metre deep ditch in which already the dead we re smouldering. Willi Mentz. Also took part in killing. Ad Mentz killed thousands with his own hand by firing a pistol at back of neck of the victim. willie was known as Frankestain on the camp. he was sent to sobibor camp later. To practice what he learnt.W hen the camp was closed after a revolt by prisoners, he was sent to Italy at ttu edge to kill jews. affter the war he was arrest in 1951. Although he was arrested in 1946 by Americans, he was let off as strong evidence was not 1951 he was tried and proved that he was instrumental in kIlling of thousands of Jews with own hand and facilitated killing few lakh prisoners. He was given life sentense. He was released due. To bad health on 31 march 78. Ad he died in June 25' 1978 at an old age home.

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