Monday, April 25, 2016

Pencil sketch of Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

FUERST JOSIAS ZUWALDECKHe was a senior SS official of Generals rank. He was the Prince of the royal family in Germany and initially he joined SS as an officer and soon was made the General . He also had the overall supervision of Buchenwald concentration camp. He learnt about the misdeeds of the commandant of Karl Otto Koch While going through the list of political personnel killed in the camp He noticed that the list had the name of a Dr who happened to treat W aldeck successfully earlier. He suspected something fishy and ordered an inquiry. The person was shot from behind after asking him to fetch some water.the commandant Koch was earlier treated by the doctor for syphillis a sexual disease And he wanted to cover up by killing the doctor.The commandant was charged for murder and certain embezzlement at the camp. He was tried by SS. Court and sentenced to death and was executed by firing squad just before ending of the war. Waldeck was arrested after war and tried at buchenwald trials and was sentenced to 20 yeras in jail. However he was released after three years

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