Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi..Nazi resistance group, White Rose


Sophiee schol Was. The founder member of white rose an anti Nazi resistance group based on non violence . She was a student at Munich University along with her brother Hans Scholl. It was a close knit team with few associates who distributed pamphlets against the Nazi govt, its actions, mass murderers, and she was arrested along with he r. Brother while they were distributing pamphlets. At the university. Gestapo was on their trail for some time. She was arrested on 18 Feb 1943. And was tried for high treason br Freisler at people's court and was sentenced to death along with her. Brother. She was executed by beheading in a guillotine at Stadelheim prison On 22 February 1943. She was very bold in the court and at execution too. Her memory has been honored after war by erecting various memorials at different places.

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