Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prahakar Rao


 He was a diplomat, Intelligence officer and anti Nazi activist . he joined German intelligence service Abwehr. Admiral canaris was its chief and he managed to draw him into anti German resistance group.He was posted to Zurich and he was in liason with Allen Dulles of US OSS and German anti Nazi resistance group. When he returned to Germany he was interrogated by Gestapo and was released. When the 20 July plot failed he went into hiding and he managed to escape to Switzerland with false passport and documents. he escaped conviction after failure of plot 20 July. After war he was called to Nuremberg to give evidence in certain cases including trial of William fRick and Hjalmar Shacht. His evidence was crucial and resulted in Release of certain Nazi members Like Hjalmar. Frick however could not be saved Who was convicted. His testimony was very damaging to Herman Goering, Wilhelm, Kietel, Kalterburner who were sentenced to death.He returned to Switzerland after a short stay at Dalllas , Texas in USA in 1950.He died in 1974. He lived long and was one of the survivors from Nazi resistance movement.He wrote books based on his experience.

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