Saturday, July 8, 2017

Painting by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


  Nalgonda ( Black Hill ) isa  town and district HQ in Telanagana state.It is 80 km from state capital, I.e Hyderabad.It has good road connection and railway station too. One has to travel on NH from Hyderabad to Vijaywada up to Narket Pali and take a right turn to reach Nalgonda. originally it was called Neelagiri and was renamed as Nalgonda during Muslim rule in Deccan. the town has two hills. The town is also famous for Latif sahib Durgah. KAPURALA GUTTA fort is located on one of the hills that is very steep to climb. KAPURALA. Means living with families. The past rulers built these quarters protected by the fort for the royal families and others to be safe from any attack.At present the site is in neglected state as usual due to apathy of the state govt. There is a deep well. At the site which is full of water to cater for the needs.The fort was built during the period of Kakatiya kings. Pangal is a small village just 3 km away from Nalgonda and once the seat of power by the Kundoori Choda kings who wee feudatories to Kakatiya rulers at Warangal. Nalgonda at that time must have been a small village. Pangal is famous for Chaya Someshwar swami shiva temple, Udaya Samudramu  a big reservoir And another famous temple in Pangal village and the govt museum.It is necessary to make it a tourist spot and trekking site for youth.This is a water colour painting.

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