Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was a Swiss theology  catholic student and was a member of anti communist group in France, The leader of the group Marcel Gobohay told him that he belonged to the dynasty of Romonovs and  that once communists are overthrown Romonovs wouldl rule again in Russia and he truly believed. He was of firm opinion that Hitler was dangerous to Swiss independence and must be killed. He took the job for himself. He traveled from Britanny to Baden,,, Baden.  He purchased a 0.25 semi automatic pistol. He wanted to shoot Hitler during the celebrations of anniversary of 1923 beer hall putsch.  He attended the parade posing as a Swiss journalist having purchased a seat in front row, but he did not shoot as Hitler was parading with other Nazi leaders. He feared that he would injure Hitler. and not kill him. He tried for a personal audience with Hitler a by forging a letter of introduction from a prominent person, but this did not materialize. He spent away his money and he boarded a train to go to Paris.  The conductor of the train handed over him to Police. He was interrogated by Gestapo and he agreed that he was trying to kill Hitler. He was tried on Dec 18,  1939. He was  sentenced to death. Swiss Ambassador to Germany condemned the incident and said they have nothing to do with him. The Germans tried to exchange him with a German spy held by the Swiss govt but that was not accepted. Finally he was guillotined on May 14, 1941.After WW II, his father Alfred tried to restore honor of his son and after legal battles in 1956 posthumously he was freed from all Nazi charges and 1955 court sentence of five Years term. His family was compensated by CHF 40000. Swiss govt in 2008 erected a small memorial in his native place having realized that they did not make efforts to save him.

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