Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi( Wehrmacht general ) by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Field marshal Erwin Rommel fondly known as the Desert fox was an outstanding combat General During WW II. He also won laurels during WW I on Italian front. During WW II he commanded 7 panzer div and played dominant part in the invasion of France that surrendered. He brought many victories in Africa commanding Afrika Corps.He also took part in opposing Allied armies during Normandy landing. He became a national hero. He was greatly respected by allied commanders and German commanders. After the failure of 20 July plot on Hitlers life, he was implicated in the conspiracy.On 26 July 1944, Hofacker a staff officer of Rommell was arrested in Paris, taken to Berlin Gestapo headquarters where, according to William Shirer in "The Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich", he was horrifically tortured and gave up the name of Erwin Rommel stating that Rommel said to "Tell the people in Berlin they can count on me". This was support for the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler, not to kill him. This made no difference to Hitler who engineered his forced suicide of Romell. Owing to the great reputation in the country Hitler did not want to arrest him. He sent two senior Generals to his house with a proposal that he should commit suicide and he would be given state funeral with all benefits to his family and the family will not be persecuted. Otherwise , he has to be tried which will bring him dishonor and death by hanging as a criminal. Rommel chose suicide . He committed suicide by biting a cyanide capsule. He was given state funeral. With a Nazi flag wrapped. Rommel wished that his body be not wrapped under Nazi flag. the life of Rommel has been discussed greatly and his tank warfare is a subject of study by military experts and war schools and military academies.Rommel stands above all German Generals.

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