Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti nazi by dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was a German Jew And lived at Stuttgart.His father stayed in America for ten years earlier. He was much against the Nazi policies and laws against Jews and was of the opinion that Hitler should be killed At all costs. He wanted to blow up Nuremberg HQ and the press where anti Jewish magazines such as Derstumer was being published. Nazi laws prevented him to take admission in German universities. He went to Prague in Czechoslovakia and there joined an anti Nazi organization named Black front. With a friend, he planned an attack on Nuremberg HQ by placing bombs. It was promised that a friend would meet him at a rail station in Germany and would hand over a suitcase containing explosives. He managed to get permission to visit Germany claiming that his mother was ill. However Gestapo knew that his mother was already in Prague. They could not arrest him as Prague was in a  foreign country. In Germany, no friend met him and probably he developed cold feet. He went to a hotel and stayed there. Gestapo arrested him at the hotel. He was tried and charged for treason , plans to assassinate Hitler, although he did not commit any act. In the court when he was  asked  whether he wanted to kill Hitler, he said YES. He was sentenced to death.And many world bodies appealed for mercy.America claimed that he was US citizen. But Hitler refused all appeals and he was guillotined and executed On 4 June 1937.

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