Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Avid Harnack was a German economist during WW II. He studied law and obtained doctorate in law at Hamburg university. From 1924 ..26 he studied economics at W isconsin University in USA. he obtained Dr of philosophy in 1930. While In USA a he married an American Mildred and they shifted to Germany subsequently. He was appointed as an expert adviser in Reich Economic ministry. From his wife contacts he developed contact with US Diplomats. during Great Depression in Anerica he formed a group to study the correct mode of system to America as the capitalism failed. The group was .. Scientific working community for the study of the planned economy..He felt Soviet system could be the answer to US. He also interacted with Soviets on classified information Who approached him for war plans by Germany against USSR.Unfortunately soviets sent the list of the group members through out Europe. And German intelligence during decoding of Enemy messages found the complete list and passed it to Gestapo Which pounced on the concerned in Germany. it arrested Arvid HArnack and his wife immediately and were tried. By a court on 7 Sept 1942. Arvid was sentenced to death while his wife was given six years. Jail term. but Hitler cancelled the sentence and ordered retrial. In re ..trial she was sentenced to death. Hitler again introduced hanging of prisoners and he secretly got fixed few meat hooks in the jail . Both were executed At the Jail after three days At Poltzensee prison. Their dead bodies were given to Prof Hermann strive of Humboldt University for research By dissection. After the war his brother Falk Hornad raised an honorary tomb for the victims. Nothing is known about the remains of the victims. Gestapo named the group which had no name as Red orchestra. As it was soviet backing and comprised of various faiths, Various origins and had diversification among the members.

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